Unarmed Security Guards in Palmer, MA

Our Unarmed Security Guards are focused on protecting your property, your people, and your business… of every kind. Our uniformed or plainclothes officers are well trained, highly qualified, licensed, insured, and bonded. Our unarmed guards can be hired at a moment’s notice for temporary emergency guard service or on a permanent contractual basis. Uniformed Unarmed Officers are available to be deployed 24 hour a day, 365 days a year.

We are prepared to serve you and provide you with unarmed security guard patrol officers in Palmer, MA. Whatever type of business, organization, company or residential community we have a security solution that will meet or exceed your needs. We are the only licensed security firm in Palmer that is able to provide verifiable training, 24-hour dispatch, and electronic GPS monitoring of all guard and their activities.

We provide Unarmed Security Guards in Palmer!

Boston Security provides businesses, managers, venues, event promoters, and private customers with professional, proactive, protection with Unarmed Security Guards in Palmer, MA.  The crime rate keeps rising in the world and there is a greater need for security now more then there ever was.  We will address all of your security concerns with a customized security plan designed by our field security specialists that utilize the most up to date techniques, technologies and equipment to secure your property, assets, and people.  Our guards are fully licensed, insured, bonded, and trained to react at a moments notice to any situation that may occur. Boston Security provides innovate security solutions in Palmer, MA such as:

We Provide Remote Video Security Solutions in Palmer, MA.

Our Cutting-Edge Video Monitoring STOPS Theft, Vandalism, and Crime. Your Property, Equipment, and Customers Enjoy the Exceptional Safety of Video Guard Pro's Proactive Live Monitoring Service

Theft and vandalism can be huge costs for your business. It takes just seconds for thieves to smash and grab. Then take off with expensive equipment, products, supplies, and much more. Unfortunately a portion of today’s public thinks it’s OK to steal if strong security measures aren’t in place.

Video Guard Pro outfits your property with 24/7 Live Video Monitoring that catches thieves in the act. Our cameras have built-in speakers with alarm strobes so we can instantly speak to the intruder and stop the crime.

Our agents can call police or immediately send trained security personnel to intercede. This special Live Guard Response is available for our customers in the Boston area.

Save on State of the Art Proactive Security. Save even MORE stopping expensive theft and vandalism. Keep your employees and customers safe from harm and loss.

Video Guard Pro provide 24/7/365 Remote Video Surveillance Monitoring – Visit https://www.videoguardpro.com TODAY!